My Work

Makes Some Brands And Products Special


NOA - Make Better Decisions

An app to make informed outing plans during pandemic

Ice Cream Delivery

UI Design

EBI Audio: Handcrafted Turntables

A brochure website for an Artist who makes custom hand crafted turntables.



Health+ Health and Fitness Assistant

A remote health consultation & fitness app for scientists and researchers working remotely.

Male Scientist

Brand Identity

Maison Izar Brand Identity Guidelines

Maison Izar is a sustainable luxury fashion brand for women in Canada.

Fashion Designer

Large Scale Projects

Projects that demanded a little extra energy

Robonito: A No Code Testing tool for developers

Robonito is an Indian No-code User Testing platform that helps developers conduct essential tests like DOM testing, API Testing etc without the use of any code.

Robonito is a competitor of existing applications like UIPath and WordFusion. The USP of Robonito is its exclusive 100% no code nature.


Entrancely: Resource-based Entrance preparation

There are several universities in India for which many students prepare. The resources for these universities are scattered in the form of preparation books and solutions to previous years' question papers. This makes it difficult for the students to do a wholesome preparation for the entrance exam.

Entrancely, aims to collect all the available data and present it on a single platform and make the preparation experience better for the students.

Yes, I do have a design strategy

Exclusive To Project

Rapid Iterative Design

Every project has a unique set of requirements and hence the process varies from project to project. That being said, on a macro level, I try to observe, do a bit of research and implement a design followed by many iterations and variations as required.


Here are some more projects you can look at


Ikaira Homes: Luxury Furniture Studio

Scope of Work: Complete Product Design & Development

Platform Used: WordPress

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