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Designed by Damique

Discover my digital playground! Each project is a high-five to creativity and a journey into the awesomeness. Dive in and let the pixels do the talking! 🚀✨

Some of my work is NDA protected 🔐. Please, Email me to request the project password.
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Adobe Experience Cloud

Enhance Learning: Improve Content Discovery for Better Engagement


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Locked (NDA) 🔒

Adobe Experience Cloud

Help authors of ALM to write better AI prompts 

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Locked (NDA) 🔒

Ambition Box

Improve homepage to increase recurring visitor count

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Help people make informed decisions While going out during COVID-19

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A News app that re-establishes trust, counters misinformation, and promotes unbiased journalism.



Health & fitness assistance for scientists working in remote locations with limited support.

Other Professional Work (No Case study)

These projects are not documented for obvious reasons. [NDA] . Let's get in touch should you be interested in knowing how I designed these.  

Let's work together and build the next big thing.

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