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With more than 4 years of hands-on experience, I excel in crafting solutions for both enterprise and consumer products. My forte lies in bringing ideas to life, backed by strong prototyping skills. Notably, my portfolio features impactful contributions to major enterprise products in EdTech, HealthTech, SaaS and the Internet industry.


Since 2018, I've collaborated with established companies and tech agencies, contributing to the design, development, and delivery of exceptional products and services. My approach centers around putting business goals at the forefront and crafting engaging products that don't demand users to strain their minds to grasp how the product operates.

Product Designer


Currently crafting experiences at                     for Adobe Learning Manager


Experience (3+ years)

Aug 2023 ongoing

05 Months+

UX Designer @ Adobe, Bangalore

  • Working towards improving authoring and learning experience on Adobe Learning Manager.

  • Leading DesignOps for Adobe Learning Manager.

  • Exploring how GenAI (Genarative text and generative image) and firefly can be leveraged to improve customer experience.

  • Facilitate collaboration and strategic planning to conceptualize and implement cohesive design-led initiatives across different enterprise products.

Impact: Improve new customer acquisition. Increase customer satisfaction rate and optimize experience for existing customers.

January 2023 to June 2023

06 Months

UX Design Intern @ Adobe, Bangalore

  • Worked towards improving learners’ engagement on Adobe Learning Manager.

  • Improved content discovery for learners.

  • Conducted Research, Audit & Interviews. 

  • Research and Design around the use of AI to drive the habit of learning.

  • Interventions on how to leverage Gen AI on Adobe products.

  • Introduced ‘Recommendations’ to the platform to recommend highly relevant learning resources to learners.

  • Introduced AI Driven smart tracks for learners on the mobile app.

Impact: Increase in learners' engagement & course completion rate, Improved learning & compliance.

May 2022 to July 2022

03 Months

UX Design Intern @ Ambition Box, Noida

  • Introduce/re-design features for the platform.

  • Conducted Research & Interviews. 

  • Re-Designed homepage to reduce bounce rate and encourage higher engagement.

  • Proposed interventions to increase recurring user count and increase user retention.

  • Improved Industry taxonomies and conducted tree testing.

Impact: Total visits jumped from 7M to 11.4M in 2 Months, with 42.4% Direct visitors and 52.3% Organic Visitors.

April 2019 to July 2021

02 Years 03 Months

Product Design Consultant @ Sofyrus Technologies

  • Responsible for understanding the product, identifying problems, and developing integrated product designs.

  • Conceptualizing features, Crafting UI, Formulating UX Taxonomies, Conducting UX Research, and communicating designs with Developers.

  • SaaS Product: Robonito: No-code RPA testing tool for developers. [Impact: Achieved more than 80% of Task Success rate]

  • EdTech Product: Entrancely - Entrance exam preparation platform. [Impact: 10k+ Downloads in 2 Months Post Launch, More than 65% Revenue growth]

  • Healthtech Product: DMW - A platform that brings various stakeholders from Egypt’s healthcare industry.

  • Healthtech Product: Patient7 - A clinic/polyclinic management platform for the doctors of Canada. [Impact: Improved usability and quick task completion rates led to higher product adoption]

August 2018 to March 2019

08 Months

Designer @ EDC Space, Gurugram

  • Responsible for design and maintenance of company website.

  • Design research, Conceptualization & Design Development.

  • Transformed the Studio into a BIM based atelier.

  • Designed spaces in BIM infrastructure.

  • Conceptualization & design development of residential, commercial, and public spaces.

January 2018 to April 2018

04 Months

Trainee Architect @ IBI Group, Gurugram

  • Conceptualization of Bhubaneswar smart city e-governance web app.

  • Conceptualization & Design Development of streetscapes, Masterplanning, and Area Analysis as a part of Bhubaneswar Smart City Development.

  • Transportation Design & Guidelines preparations

July 2015 to January 2018

2 Years 06 Months

Co-Founder & Creative Head @ The Perspective Hub

Design, Development & Management - A self initiated platform for the aspiring artists and students of Jamia Millia Islamia.

Let's work together and build the next big thing.

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