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Transforming ideas to impactful products with precision and creativity since 2018

Currently crafting experiences at                     for Adobe Learning Manager

Ex-InfoEdge | Ex-IBI Group | Design alumnus, IIT Hyderabad

Recent works at

For nearly a year, I've dedicated myself to enhancing the authoring and learning experience within Adobe Learning Manager. Over this period, I've successfully delivered more than seven key features. Additionally, I take the lead in driving DesignOps initiatives within my team.

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Adobe Experience Cloud

Enhance Learning: Improve Content Discovery for Better Engagement


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Locked (NDA) 🔒

Adobe Experience Cloud

Help authors of ALM to write better AI prompts 


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Other projects

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A News app that re-establishes trust, counters misinformation, and promotes unbiased journalism.

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Help people make informed decisions While going out during COVID-19

What I bring to the table

Leadership in Design Innovation

I've consistently introduced new concepts, contributing to the evolution of design practices within the team.

Mentorship & Team Development

I mentor junior designers, fostering collaboration to elevate the team's skills and contribute to product success.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

I specialize in integrating design with other disciplines for efficient and successful product outcomes.

Advocacy for inclusive design

I ensure my work embraces diversity, prioritizes accessibility, and caters to a wide user base.

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Bangalore, India


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