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Transforming ideas to impactful products with precision and creativity since 2018

Currently crafting experiences at                     for Adobe Learning Manager

Ex-InfoEdge | Ex-IBI Group | Design alumnus, IIT Hyderabad

Recent works at

For more than one year, I've dedicated myself to enhancing the authoring and learning experience in Adobe Learning Manager. Over this period, I've successfully delivered more than ten key features. Additionally, I take the lead in driving DesignOps initiatives within my team.

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Adobe Experience Cloud

Enhance Learning: Improve Content Discovery for Better Engagement

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Adobe Experience Cloud

Help authors of ALM to write better AI prompts 

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Adobe Experience Cloud

Enabling admins to extend functionality and automate complex workflows in Adobe Learning Manager.

Other prominent works

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Help people make informed decisions While going out during COVID-19

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Ambition Box

Improve homepage to increase recurring visitor count


A News app that re-establishes trust, counters misinformation, and promotes unbiased journalism.



Health & fitness assistance for scientists working in remote locations with limited support.

What I bring to the table

Leadership in Design Innovation

I've consistently introduced new concepts, contributing to the evolution of design practices within the team.

Mentorship & Team Development

I mentor junior designers, fostering collaboration to elevate the team's skills and contribute to product success.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

I specialize in integrating design with other disciplines for efficient and successful product outcomes.

Advocacy for inclusive design

I ensure my work embraces diversity, prioritizes accessibility, and caters to a wide user base.

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Bangalore, India


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